Places of Interest

The Sofianna Resort & Spa is at the very heart of Kato Paphos where all the action is, yet situated in a secluded corner far away from the lights and sounds to ensure you have a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, ancient sites, churches, the sea, the harbour with its imposing castle and many other exciting places are nearby, making it ideal for those who want to explore the town on foot.


The Harbour and the Castle of Paphos

You could spend your entire vacation just in the harbour area alone if you wanted to. The castle of Paphos is located here. Part of the castle is now ruins, but most of it still stands. Located in the harbour itself, you can walk across a bridge to the structure that was built following the collapse of the Roman Empire – the construction also showcases a variety of historical artefacts inside. In the harbour itself you can also book a boat tour, pick up delicious seafood as you walk by the water or simply enjoy the sun, sound of the sea and the beautiful surroundings.

Kato Paphos Archeological Site

The Kato Paphos archaeological sites date back to the time of the Roman Empire. Here you’ll find a collection of amazing artefacts, many of which are exceptionally maintained. There is an amphitheatre where you can sit in the same seats Roman senators did over a thousand years ago!

The mosaics around the site feature illustrations of wild animals, military victories, and other beautiful designs. The Saranta Kolones Castle is located here and while it is ruins, it can give you an idea of the grandeur and scope of Roman architecture. Many of the remaining elements of the castle are archways, that also show how strong the construction of the buildings were and which architectural styles ancient civilizations utilised –some of which are still used today.

The House of Aion and the House of Theseus are also worth a visit. Each of these were constructed between the third and fifth century AD. The wall paintings inside are some of the finest preserved ones that you will see from this time period.

Old Town Paphos

Located further inland and on the hill, the Old Town of Paphos retains much of its old world charm and heritage whilst at the same times has many local vendors selling various products and goods.

The majority of the vendors sell to locals and this helps you get lower prices on food and other items sold in the markets. As this area is also frequented by Cypriots, you can also find your souvenirs here and (don’t tell anyone) at better prices than the shops by the harbour.


If you want a break from all the ruins in the area (and there are a lot) check out the new promenade on the seafront. This new style of architecture takes a page from the past in its construction style and also helps bring in the natural vegetation into the design as well.

Part of the promenade also stretches out into the water making it a fantastic location to take in the sun and the crashing waves.

Kings Avenue Mall

The Kings Avenue Mall is an impressive full concept shopping mall ideally located just 900 meters from the Sofianna Resort & Spa and with lots of underground parking.

It has an impressive amount of shops as well as many places to eat, relax and have fun!